How It All Began…

Exploring the private beaches just off the edge of Bermuda's popular Horseshoe Bay.

Exploring the private beaches just off the edge of Bermuda’s popular Horseshoe Bay.

It makes a tremendous amount of sense that everything you see on this site started with a sweet, little proposal.

In June 2015, my boyfriend Trevor and I booked a flight on a whim. We were both a bit cranky with work, had a bit too much wine to drink that evening, and were impulsively interested in the pink sand beaches that we’d heard Bermuda offered. So, a few weeks later – over the Fourth of July weekend – we found ourselves beached, quite literally, sipping cold Dark ‘n’ Stormies and Swizzles by 11 a.m.

The trip alone would have been perfect in every way, but the ante was upped when we had settled into a rocky cove on a private beach, and I opened up a lovely picnic basket to find a big, ol’ diamond ring staring back at me.

And so begins the story that became this blog. A hunt that canvased all of metro Detroit. A puzzle that’s slowly coming together to form our wedding day. It’s pretty exciting stuff and I’m sharing it in hopes that inspires you, that we can all build upon it, and that we create a chock-full-of-knowledge resource for all the wedding festivities to follow.


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