A locally sourced welcome bag


Out of town guests heading in for your wedding? That’s great news, because we’ve the perfect round-up for your welcome bag. 

The best part is that everything is made right here in the Mitten. {We love that.} And even easier yet? I picked everything shown above in one fell swoop at Plum Market.

1.) Boxed Water (Grand Rapids)

2.) Germack Mixed Nuts (Detroit)

3.) Zingerman’s Confectionary (Ann Arbor)

4.) Vernor’s ginger ale (Detroit)

5. McClure’s Potato Chips (Detroit)

What else would you include? We can imagine Faygo glass bottled pop, Sister Pie’s gorgeous little hand pies, Sander’s chocolates (um, YUM), Avalon Bakery’s cookies .. I mean… the possibilities are endless!

One more made-in-Michigan goodie? Our new, gold-brush “Welcome” tags for your guest baskets and bags. Simply download, customize (if you wish) and print for a perfect, budget-friendly touch. (Only $4.99!)

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