Planning A Detroit Bachelorette Party

*Updated July 2018*


I might be bias, but Detroit is where it’s at right now. This blog targets brides that are living in or getting married in the Metro Detroit area, but I’d be amiss if I didn’t point out that one of the very best bachelorette ideas right now is a staycation.

Don’t you agree? For the bride or bridesmaids that live outside of the city and Uber in from time to time, this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the best way possible.

I’ve been to what feels like a billion bachelorette parties, from the freaking Chateau Marmont in Hollywood to the (former) Library Pub in Novi (you know exactly the spot that I’m talking about, don’t you?). So when it came time to rally my own troop for a night, er, day out, I just wanted to stick around town and soak up the energy.

Where to go when you’re bacheloretting in Detroit? Let me share a few of my own ideas…


  • CASINOS: I’m not a huge casino fan, but the rooms are far more fun than any existing Detroit hotel and there’s also plenty of drinks to be had at any time of day on the gaming floor. Hungry? Just head to a restaurant downstairs. Bonus: You don’t even need to request an Uber to hit the nearest bar. Consider MGM Grand Detroit, MotorCity or Greektown (Jack) casinos.
  • HOTELS: Go with the Foundation Hotel. Their bar, a part of the Apparatus Room restaurant, is gorgeous and cozy and ideal for socializing. Capital Park is a short walk away, with more restaurants and bars to choose from. Otherwise, check out Aloft Detroit, or the newer Siren Hotel on Broadway, which is within walking of distance of some nice spots (including Wright & Co. for small plates and craft cocktails or the Candy Bar inside of Siren Hotel for a super intimate but chic setting).
  • AIRBNB: For larger groups, go big and rent a lofty space downtown where everyone can stay and the party can begin. Make sure that you can get in ahead of time to decorate the space – ahem – appropriately.


  • IMMERSE SPA: Ommmm. My girls and I began at MGM’s Immerse Spa and it was nothing short of heavenly. We had all booked appointments around the same time and arrived early to nab spots by the indoor pool for loads of lounging before ordering lunch. The setting is gorgeous; and who doesn’t love a good rub-down?
  • BLOW OUTS: Head over to Detroit’s Blo Blow Dry Bar on Washington Blvd for a fresh blow out and to have your and your girl’s make up done. Pop into the nearby Ten Nail Salon for manis / pedis, if you’ve got time.
  • BRUNCH: If you’re not hitting the spa, start the day with a solid brunch. If your crew is rowdy, head to Eastern Market’s Vivio’s (request a long table upstairs) for the city’s best Bloody Marys or Bobcat Bonnie’s in Corktown. For a fancier atmosphere, try Townhouse on Woodward (great ambiance) or Selden Standard in Midtown.


  • TASTINGS: Go big or go home, right? Get your party started by ordering up a round of flights for all the ladies. We like Detroit City Distillery in Eastern Market for a relaxed vibe (as well as nearby Eastern Market Brewing Company, which serves up brews only), as well as Two James Distillery in Corktown. The Royce in Grand Circus Park and is a lovely wine bar with an inexpensive corking fee that’s perfect for sharing a few bottles among a group. A short drive away, Brix Wine Bar on the east side of town, serves up vinos and charcuterie boards.
  • CRAFT COCKTAILS: Lady of the House in Corktown is my current favorite, with a small but sweet bar and amazing food. Eatori Market in Capitol Park offers a nice bar with good drinks in a great walkable area; and the nearby Bad Luck Bar – with it’s discreet alley entrance – is a great hideout with pricey but delicious cocktails. Sugar House in Corktown is a staple and it’s perfect for a small group of gals.


  • Nab a table at Parc in Campus Martius for bustling city views; book a reservation at Prime + Proper for the city’s glitziest dinner; or check out Lumen in Beacon Park, which offers open air, casual dining and a great patio with fire pit. For a more informal affair, try El Barzon near Mexican Village, a great hole-in-the-wall that offers both Mexican and Italian fare (this was where I opted to celebrate!) or Bakersfield in Midtown for tacos and tequila.
  • Swing into For the Love of Sugar (open late!) for fresh macarons or cake slices that include vegan options, equally delectable and Instaworthy.


  • SHOP: No, really. Check out Shinola (Midtown) for leather goods, watches and bikes, City Bird (Midtown) for paper and home goods, Bird Bee (Capitol Park) or Kit and Ace (downtown) for clothing, and many other hidden gems in Eastern Market, along Woodward Corridor and in Midtown.
  • PEDDLE  BAR: I’m cringing a bit to say it, but peddle bike bars seem to be a bachelorette favorite. Handle Bar Detroit and Detroit Rolling Pub are two established options.
  • FOWLING: Have you tried it? A big ol’ group of girls might be a bit of a mess, in the funnest way possible, here. You’ll throw footballs at large wooden bowling pins in this indoor game, created by a local. The Fowling Warehouse gaming venue / bar is located in Hamtramck.
  • LOCAL SHOWS: Check out what’s happening at The Fox, The Fillmore, or any of the other smaller venues (Saint Andrews Hall or even Hopcat…)
  • OUTDOORS: In the summer, head over to Belle Isle for picnics, wading in the river and plenty of local events; consider renting kayaks for a tour of the river, too.

What have I left out? Let me know in the comments …

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